European Capital of Smart Tourism: Málaga

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Discover in this article why Malaga is one of the capitals of smart tourism, one of the best cities to live in and much more! 🥇.

The European Capital of Smart Tourism awards are only a few years old, but receiving them is already considered a unique opportunity for a city’s future, and Malaga managed to be one of the cities deserving them.

good weather, thousands of kilometres of beaches, a large selection of hotels and local gastronomy were, until now, the main things that made Spain an irresistible destination for millions of people. however, nowadays other elements are more important, like health protocols, although there are many more… keep reading to discover that Malaga has all of them.

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What is smart tourism?

A smart destination is an innovative tourist destination, consolidated on a cutting-edge technological infrastructure, which guarantees the sustainable development of the tourist territory, accessible to all, which facilitates the interaction and integration of tourists with the environment and increases the quality of their experience in the city and improves the quality of life of residents.

These destinations must meet certain requirements in terms of innovation, technology, accessibility and sustainability.

The European Capital of Smart Tourism is an EU initiative that seeks to promote smart tourism within the European Union. In addition, it aims to encourage the development of innovative, sustainable and inclusive tourism, and the exchange of best practices.

Why is Malaga a city of smart tourism?

Malaga was elected European Capital of Smart Tourism 2020 as the only Spanish representative competing for the title that year, the city competed against 35 other cities from a total of 17 EU member states.

Ten shortlisted cities were invited to present their applications to the jury. Malaga and Gothenburg were the two winning cities. In the case of Malaga, what impressed the jury most was, in addition to its achievements in the four categories of the competition, its program of activities.

Other factors that make Malaga worthy of this award are:

One of the best cities in the world

This Andalusian city has been receiving awards that have positioned it among the best in the world for years. In 2016, the European Commission’s Eurobarometer chose it as one of the ten best cities in the world to live in. It was the only Spanish city to achieve a place in the ranking, and in 2020, the Forbes list chose it as the tenth best city in the world to live and invest in.

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Kilometres of nature, sun and beaches

Malaga has almost 50 hectares of protected natural areas, 60 hectares of botanical gardens, more than 400 hectares of green spaces and 5 beaches. To protect its beaches and nature, the city has opted for sustainable alternatives such as the installation of LED public lighting, the creation of bike lanes (currently more than 40 kilometres), the saving of water thanks to the installation of intelligent irrigation systems and the improvement of pollution, both environmental and acoustic.

Cultural tourism

Culture is one of the driving forces behind tourism in Malaga and one of the main attractions for tourists beyond the sun and beaches. Supported by two artists who carry the Malaga stamp under their arms, Pablo Picasso and Antonio Banderas, the city has encouraged cultural consumption to such an extent that in the last twenty years, the city has gone from having four museums to having almost forty.


So much progress is being made by the city in terms of innovation and digitalisation that companies and start-ups from all over the world are already arriving in Malaga attracted by technological services. Some of them are Oracle and Google.

As you can see, in recent years Malaga has not only become one of the best cities for tourism but also for living. If you are thinking of moving and need relocation services, visit our website and you will find the help you need.

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